The whole thing started with an inherited sewing machine and a fabric store going out of business. Or maybe before then, with a hand needle and thread sewing patches on pants during college, or repairing the blown out sides of trail runners deep in the Sangre De Cristo mountains. Who really knows. But one thing for certain is I've always loved fixing things and sewing just happens to be the way I do that best. 

Now it serves as an avenue of expression for my life; products made in a little home studio that are designed for the simplicity of country living and built for the roads and trails that lead to it here in the Green Mountains.

Bikes are the ultimate form of human transportation. Both physically and psychologically. One day (hopefully soon) they will finally grow into their role in society as an equalizer of humanity and unifier of all. 

Our goal as a business is to make using them as enjoyable and easy as possible. Our bags are built for every cyclist, riding wherever, whenever on whatever. 

Remember, the best ride you can have is the one that leaves from your own front door.