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Tourist Camera Strap


Wanna look like a total tourist (or a real pro) and tote around your massive DSLR camera while riding your bike? Designed off the shoulder straps for our Daily Driver Daypack, theTourist is a beefy 4mm padded, breathable mesh shoulder pad with 3-point camera attachment and quick release Fidlock Buckle.

Three 500# rated Lawson Equipment Guywire loops secure your camera to D-rings and rotating hooks bar tacked to 1" nylon webbing with adjustable buckles and tri-glides so you can dial in your fit and secure your settings. Strap loops keep those loose straps from flapping around on your ride. Multiple daisy loops and d-rings on the shoulder pad allow you to clip your keys or lens cleaner, too.

The camera securely rides at your right kidney/lower back when locked in, and easily slides around to the front on your right side when one hand releases magnetic fidlock slide buckle at your left lower chest. Easily reverse the process to store your camera and never worry about the buckle being secured (magnets!).

Tested with multiple lens sizes and camera body styles on several hundred miles of singletrack and pave', and over a thousand road miles.

Made to Order in Central Vermont in small batches. Please allow 2-3 weeks for your product to be manufactured and delivered to you.

Available Colors/Fabrics:
X-Pac VX21: Dark Blue, Olive Green, Slate Grey, Port, Bright Purple
10.10oz. Water Repellent Army Duck Canvas: Burgundy, Nantucket Red, Natural, Black, Fire Orange

Please allow 2-3 weeks for your strap to be made.