Pave' Pannier Set

$100.00 - $200.00
  • Pave' Pannier Set
  • Pave' Pannier Set
  • Pave' Pannier Set
  • Pave' Pannier Set
  • Pave' Pannier Set

A bike should be a vessel for freedom and exploration. Some days that necessitates needing to carry lots of stuff over rough terrain, others it means extra water and extra miles. These panniers are born from the desire to have freedom and modularity for the way I carry things on my bike; no fiddling with bolts installing and un-installing racks, bulky fork cages constantly snagging on passing branches while empty, or futzing around with bags and straps. (Although we make those versions of it too)

To be frank, these are not your fathers panniers. Gone are the days of overloaded rack-and-bag touring bikes (not really, but just hang on...). Enter the age of carrying less and doing more.

Your fork will require a set (2) of bottle bosses per side (you can put 'em elsewhere, but the rule still applies). Installing the hardware takes all of about 3 minutes for an inexperienced mechanic. What happens next is magic...

Click. It's a bag.
Click, Click. It's a bottle.
Click. It's a bare fork.
All in under a minute, and with a single hand.....

Utilizing Fidlock Twist connectors you can easily and simply switch from bag to bottle to nothing in seconds. A stabilizing pin maintains a snug lateral and vertical connection, while two magnetic snap fasteners keep the bag attached to the mounting plate.
Twisting the bag (like twisting a kitchen timer) releases the magnetic connection, allowing the bag to be easily removed with one hand. To re-attach, simply line up the pin and snaps and let the magnets do the work, no twisting necessary.

While not supplied with the Panniers, Fidlock Twist Bike Bottles utilize the same connectors. This means you can go from running 12L of bag to 40 oz. of bottle in about 1 minute. Want to carry both? Purchase one of the belt-based male connectors, so you can toss your Fidlock bottle onto any fanny pack or belt you desire, you can even toss your panniers on there for those heinous hike-a-bikes that might even involve carrying your bike.

Freedom and flexibility, right at your fingertips. See demonstration videos below:


At 6L, each pannier easily swallows a puffy jacket, rain gear, and extra clothes, or your sleeping pad and quilt (if you haven't discovered quilts come back after that).

5 lbs. weight limit means those bulky items no longer have to take up prime real estate where dense food and water should ride, but doesn't complain when you do stuff an extra few snickers inside.

Roll-top closure keeps the elements out and the goods in, while also making a convenient, secure handle for off the bike carry.

A bright liner makes it easy to see what's inside, and helps keep things extra dry when the going gets wet.

ABS frame sheet keeps things in line and won't crack when you (almost) clean that line or dump your loaded bike.

Not intended for serious off-road riding involving technical singletrack and becoming airborne on your bike. Perfect for gravel touring and chunky backroads, commuting, and most sections of Pave'. A one-wrap velcro safety strap is included with each bag and is recommended for long rides and rougher terrain. Simply wrap it around the fork leg to secure the bag from rotating.

Sold as a pair.

Please allow 2-3 weeks for your bag to be made. We will contact your after purchase to discuss colors and materials.