Our greatest passion is the engagement and enjoyment of the outdoor recreationalist with their surroundings. By eliminating the concerns of a user about their equipment we seek to help expand their participation and enjoyment of our natural world and all it's beauty.

Carry less, see more. Worry less, enjoy more. 

Why Made-to-Order? 

By building each of our bags individually we can ensure we're providing the latest in fabrics, design updates and construction improvements to each customer. 
This constant progression in the design feedback loop drives our products to the simplest and most effective forms and features. Simplicity and durability are the hallmark of Class 4 Designs. 
We build with the most durable and efficient methods of construction to ensure a product that will last beyond expectation. Our simple designs and methods ensure our products can be rebuilt and refurbished for years to come despite the heaviest of abuses. The highest quality metal hardware and modern technical fabrics means those rebuilds and refurbishments will take years to come.
This also allows us to fit each bag to it's owners stylistic and color preferences, and increases our efficient use of materials. And provides us with the capacity to ensure we are also able to provide the full-bespoke treatment on any and all of our projects.

Our bags will never go on sale. They will however be welcomed back into the studio at any time for repairs, alterations and updates. Our expectation is these products long outlast us, and can be enjoyed in those beautiful natural landscapes for generations to come.