Studio Showroom Closed 3/21-26th, gone skiing!

Material and Fasteners


We offer a large range of fabrics and colors from both X-Pac and Challenge Sailcloth. 

I recommend folks head over to their websites to learn more about the technical features of each, and for the most color-accurate photos.We update this spreadsheet of our current fabric inventory regularly as our selection changes; date notated at the top! 

Most of our products utilize a heavier main bag fabric and a lighter accent fabric (notated on our inventory sheet linked below). This combination offers us the best features of each and creates a color palette of over 750 possible 2-color combinations, before considering the webbing colors!

We utilize our heavier denier (240-1680d) fabrics for the larger products, and on bags expecting higher rates of abrasion. Most standard-use products feature a 200d fabric, primarily for the best selection of colors and excellent weight/durability. 

All products designed to be used with skis, crampons, or other sharps will feature a primary UHMWPE woven or reinforced material (100-800d). This provides the highest levels of cut and tear resistance available in the market in some of the lightest fabrics. 

Fasteners and Hardware:
We utilize stamped aluminum hardware in as many opportunities as we can, they provide a great option for cold-weather applications and heavy use while allowing us to keep our products affordable and durable. We use some plastic fasteners in field-repairable situations only (dual-adjusting belts, strap keepers) where a metal product does not provide the same user interface or mechanical advantage. 

Many of our products feature MUSA machined aluminum buckles produced by Austere Manufacturing. These buckles provide the strongest adjustable mechanism we've seen, and are used in situations where high vibration and load-bearing capacity is needed, or for the utmost durability on often-broken locations.  

Zippers are used sparingly, and are primarily #5 YKK Aquaguard, #5 YKK Delrin, or #10 Lenzip Waterproof zippers for the highest quality and longest lifespan. Zippers are a wearing component, and will always wear out in time. We chose these specific zippers for their known durability, often lasting 3-4x longer than their slider, which is an easily repairable component. 

Fidlock magnetic fasteners are used in situations where the most convenient and easily operated fastener is required. This includes sternum straps, some lid closures, and many other unique opportunities in custom projects. 

Custom Projects:
You can choose your main fabric in multiple different colors to really spin the color wheel on any of our fully-custom projects. Consider it a "color-your-own" adventure in the build-a-bag workshop, otherwise feel free to pick and choose based on your needs, or reach out for recommendations.