Road Soda Stem Bag

$45.00 - $50.00
  • Road Soda Stem Bag
  • Road Soda Stem Bag
  • Road Soda Stem Bag
  • Road Soda Stem Bag
  • Road Soda Stem Bag

The road soda is a simple feed bag without any pretensions about what it's for. Available in two sizes, 12oz. and 24oz., it keeps your hydration or snacks in easy grasp, while taking up the least amount of real estate on your bars so you're not bashing your knees off it.

Origami construction redistributes the load of the bag down the seam into the weave of the fabric, meaning you'll never bust the bottom out of this bag.

Grommet drain keeps those sloshes from accumulating inside.

Draw-cord cinch closure keeps things in place when the road gets rough.

Daisy chain attachment at bars and stem, accessory cord loops at bottom for stabilization to head tube/steerer/fork.

Includes two 8" velcro one-wrap straps and guy wire stabilizer

24oz. size features an exterior pocket, and is sized to fit a 24-48oz. Nalgene or "stovepipe" sized can.
12oz. size has no exterior pockets, and is sized to fit a standard 21oz bike bottle or 12-16oz. can.

Made-to-Order in your choice of material/color.
Please allow 2-3 weeks for your bag to be manufactured and shipped.


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